I am writing to thank the four lovely ladies for hosting such a wonderful camp in Wilkes Barre PA at the end of Feb 2011. After the change from the Williamsport PA location to Wilkes Barre, I am so very happy to see they all still made it and even brought an extra player to assist in the camp. My daughter is 12 years old – she pitches and plays infield. She was inspired so much by the camp and has applied every drill, pointer and suggestion to her daily work outs. Things are paying off as well….She has a tremendous defense and certainly has a great on base percentage with great singles however after the camp, she is now showing to be a power hitter on her travel ball team. She played in a travel tournament last weekend, she had 12 at bats in 4 games. She had one strike out, three walks, one hit on base to the infield and 7, I repeat, 7 beautiful hits to the outfield. I see her at bat now applying the 4 steps that was covered during the camp and she is never tensing up and ready to bat before the pitcher is ready to pitch! I want to give my great big thank you as a parent of a child who absolutely LOVES the sport, has big dreams for her future and truely benefited in every aspect of the camp! I could not be more pleased. Thank you again — attaching a picture of her BIG hit for a triple in her travel tournament last weekend…look at that form that she learned from YOUR camp!!! Thanks again! —Julie Burger (Noodle #88’s mom) Hedgesville, WV

Ladies, What can I say the camp at Chipola College, Marianna Fl was top notch. My daughters have attended many camps in their 5 years of playing and pitching. Now as the older girls at the camp they look for that “one thing to take away”. This time they certainly did. Kelly- they take away the pre load, step 2. Cat- As pitchers they truly enjoyed the one on one with you. You were inspirational and gave them encouragement that they were on the right path to being great pitchers. Your break down of the pitches/spins enforced to them they were doing it correctly. Caitlin-they enjoy your speed and wish they could get there someday. Charlotte-a pure pleasure to have met you after watching you this year in the WCWS. The most memorable part was the words of wisdom you all passed on at the Q&A session. My girls really listened to you when you all told them about having to want to work out without dad telling to do so. We got home from the camp and the girls got the net out and hit for another hour, wanting to put their new skills to work. Thanks for giving them that kick start they needed. We take the advice of all pro pitchers who recommend taking a break from pitching Nov – Dec. Since our girls pitch year long we found this very helpful. Though we do continue to condition, getting back into it in Jan is always the struggle. Once they get going again they are on their way. Your words of encouragement and disciple was what they needed this year. Thanks for the help. As a parent at the camp I enjoyed the easy of access the girls had to ask you all questions and the time you took with them to answer. You let them know you are a person too and you were once their age going through the same struggles they are. Kelly- your over the top personality was the key to keeping us parents laughing all afternoon during the field games. Thank you all for a wonderful camp experience. You are all true professionals and ambassadors of your sport. — Deborah Taylor

I do not know if any of you will remember the little girl who split her eye open in Pascagoula at your camp. Her name is Raven. She is 10 and missed the day she was supposed to work with Cat because she had to go to the hospital. She was allowed to work the next day with the older girls pitching with Cat and I wanted to say thank you.

Cat, you have no idea how much these little girls look up to you. You made a statement that in order to be a good pitcher you have to work on it every day and Raven has literally pitched every single day since that it is not raining for 30 mins to an hour. She pulls up pictures of you pitching on the internet and looks at your form, stride, hand placement and then tries to mimic what she sees. She was able to pitch in her first ever 12 year old game a few weeks after working with you and becoming “obsessed” with pitching (she is only 10 but is playing up because the 10 year old fall ball team didn’t make) and actually won the game. She went out and bought a Cat Osterman glove with her own money because she just wants to be so much like you.

Anyway the point of this e-mail was to say thank you for the time you took working with her when you were working with the older girls. It really meant a lot to her so I wanted to take the time to thank you.— Scott Beebe

This weekend my daughter attended the Triple Threat Softball clinic that was held in Wilkes Barre, Pa. I just wanted to say that this was the most informative, fun camp I have ever attended. Every one of the instructors really made an impression on me and my daughter. We learned so much. I was really impressed by the one on one instruction and their ability to pass on their knowledge of the game to the girls. I hope that you are able to do this camp every year as I plan on attending every one. Thank you for organizing this event as it was truly a pleasure to attend it.! — Michael Personette

Just wanted to say a big “thank you” from the girls from Rusk, Texas. Sydney and Maranda had a fantastic time at the Triple Threat Camp this past weekend in Spring. It was amazing to them to get to spend some “one on one” time with Olympians and UT Austin alumni! They have been on the talk box all week about this camp.. You guys were gracious enough to sign numerous “softballs” for not only the girls attending camp, but some friends at home. Syd & Maranda brought the Varsity and JV high school coaches each a signed ball. Listed below is one of the responses from the coaches after receiving the signed ball. As a parent, I especially enjoyed visiting with the moms. It was nice to visit with someone who understands about missing birthday parties, weddings, etc for the cause of Softball. Thanks for putting on the camp and setting a good example for those still on the path to learning and growing in their sport. I know it’s a lot of work, but to the young girls, it means so much. I wish we still had the Olympics to set as an ultimate goal, but even working towards being the best in your sport is worth the extra effort. Thanks again for a wonderful weekend. PS: Maranda’s parents told me that she texted one word home Saturday night while we were in Spring – AWESOME! Our local newspaper has asked for pictures, so if they run an article, I’ll send you a copy. Thank you for all you do! — Lynn Littlejohn, Rusk, Texas

Wow! is only a three letter word, but that the only word that comes to mind after seeing one of the best instructional camp I have ever seen. Kelly Kretschman, Cat Osterman, and Caitlin Lowe are only three players, but they utilize their talents and put together a Triple Threat Camp of Pitching, Offense, and Defense that rivals any camp in the nation. I would, and will recommend the camp to anyone who is willing to sit still and listen. All of these girls came out and showed their passion for the game of softball. It really shows in the way they demonstrate their drills for the camp. I thought this might be a dog and pony show where the stars come out and prance around, sign a few autograph and trot off. This is a professionally ran operation, right from the registration to the ending autograph session. All of the camps personnel were courteous and attended to all the players and parents needs throughout the entire camp. Even Jordon would stop what he was doing and jump in there to pose with my daughter and her friends. The ride home might have been the high light of the trip, to hear the laughter and stories coming from the back of the vehicle. The whole experience was something that will stick with my daughter and me for the rest of our lives. I would like to personal thank you for coming to Jefferson City and putting on the Triple Threat Camp. I hope you will have another camp in this area next year. We live in SE Kansas, about four and half hours from there, and it was a wonderful opportunity for the players in this area. There were seven girls from our town and a few others from our area that attended the camp. I know there will be even more from this area next year, if you decide to hold another event like this one. All of you are truly wonderful role models for these young athletes, and I appreciate you guys giving something back to the game. We hope to catch one of the NPF games this year, so good luck in the upcoming season. Thanks again! — Tom Turner

I just would like to say that my daughter enjoyed the camp you guys put on. She is a pitcher and Kat is her idol. She loves to pitch and this has sparked her to want to pitch even more. Kelly’s batting instructions was very helpful to not only the girls, but to us parents also. Caitlin’s bunting technics taught me something new. We have always taught our girls to bunt to first base or third. She explained why that was a bad idea and told us how it should be really done. You guys did a great job with our girls. Thanks for coming to South Alabama and I hope ya’ll had a pleasant stay. — James Brenton

Just some positive feedback from the Mobile, AL camp: Thanks for giving the girls valuable one on one instruction. The flow of the camp was effective and kept the girls actively involved. Thanks for allowing pictures and video. My husband wasn’t able to attend because my son was playing in a baseball tournament. He coaches my daughter’s 14U travel ball team and hated that he missed it. The video and pictures were great for him to see what she’s doing. — Tracy Williams

Hello ladies, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the camp you provided this past weekend. It was a fun experience for my daughter. Paeton has been playing ball since she was four, now fourteen, and she has attended many camps. Most of these were given by local organizations ran by baseball playing dads. This was the first time she has ever told me she learned new and helpful things from you. She could not stop talking about how helpful you all were and how much fun she had with each of you.

Cat, my daughter is not a pitcher but she commented on how patient with the smaller pitchers you were and how funny you were. She was of course impressed to be there with you.

Caitlin, my daughter is a slapper and has been taking batting lessons for some time now but was still able to comment on what new tips she learned from you and cannot wait to try them at the plate. You have given her more confidence now and she is ready to go. For that I am very grateful to you.

Kelly, what can i say, you were a riot! We loved just listening to you. Paeton was very excited about getting on the dirt and using the new techniques you showed her. Most of the coachs, again men, really dont teach the girls how to speed up their fielding they just shout quicker. You actually helped so much with that she was telling her teammates at batting practice and i caught her showing the girls how to field while waiting in line. She also really appreciated the step by step work on throwing. Even at 14 she commented how that was really what she needed to get back to basics and work on her accuracy. Again thank you so much.

Meagan, we were so glad to have you as an added bonus. You were funny and we loved your laugh. Again just the basics you brought back to the girls was so helpful, even to those older girls who think they have passed up a need for that. The work on batting was great and really helpful.

And lastly but of course not least, the moms. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. It was so nice to see you all still involved with your daughter’s passion. You were all so helpful and sweet it was a real joy to be at the camp and we are both looking forward to next year, we will definitely be there again.

Have a wonderful year and great camps. Keep up the great work ladies. Take care. — Love ya, Paeton & Shauna��Tanley

Thanks very much to everyone involved for a great camp this weekend in Spring. Thank you Meghan, Cat, Caitlin and Kelly for your compassion and patience with the girls (and their parents). It was such a privilege to spend time with athletes who truly love their sport and unselfishly share their knowledge and experience. Keep up the good work! — Sincerely, Suzanne Eggleston Spring, TX

Dear Sue and All,

Our daughter attended the Triple Threat Camp in McKinney, Texas. We wanted to let everyone know that it was a GREAT experience. Pitching instruction from Cat (WOW), Hitting instruction from Kelly (WOW), Slapping instruction from Caitlin (WOW). We feel that she received the best all around instruction in all aspects of the game from the top athletes in fastpitch softball.

Thanks to the moms of Caitlin and Kelly for making us feel welcome and always being there to answer any questions. It was a pleasure meeting you and we can certainly see why your daughters are successful.

Thanks to Cat, Caitlin, & Kelly for their patience in signing autographs and taking pictures. We really appreciate you making that a very special time for our daughter. As world class athletes our daughter was proud to be on the field with you and took in every moment. We would also like to thank the other volunteers as they all made it a great camp. Thanks again and we wish you much success with the Triple Threat Camp. Awesome beyond words. — Barbara, Jimmy & Cami Duffey

I trust you had a safe trip home after the McKinney camp. I wanted to thank you again for all you and the rest of the staff for working hard to make a wonderful camp. Hailey has already implemented what she learned.
I have told several parents about the camp in Oklahoma and will continue to keep looking for it. — Thanks, Ella Johnson

I just wanted to thank the four of you for putting the camp together. Saturday was my daughters 13th birthday and that is what she picked above sleep over’s etc. There was a lot of excellent instruction and I really appreciated the individualized personal and caring attention that each of you gave to the girls. Being the only African American girl in the camp did not bother Amber because of the warm personalities and patience that you all gave. Again I want to thank each of you for the outstanding experience that you gave my daughter and others and I look forward to attending other camps in the future. — Dennis D. Williams

Thank you all for the time and effort that went into put on this camp. The extra tips and techniques share is what it takes to get that player to the next level and beyond. It was information that you just can’t get just anywhere. My daughter was so pumped when we left, and excited to go and use the skills that she had improved on. She is good, but you all just made her better. Your camp was not only great for the skills, but for the mental side also. Letting them know, it is ok to strive for perfection, and to work as if every game is the championship game. We were talking about what she learned, if she had fun, etc, which is our normal routine after lessons, camps, or tournaments for the trip home, my daughter looked at me, smiled and said “Mom, that had to be one of the most memorable experiences in my whole life so far.” THAT is what makes it all worth it. Again thank you for making a difference in many girls lives. — Melisa Bedunah

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